Trial and Error
DynamicTextures took many iterations of pattern testing. I tried both geometric and organic patterns. Along the way, I started developing some expertise for what works and what doesn’t. A slightly angled pattern can cause the entire experiment to fail. The process required me to modify my 2-D designs constantly in order create the movements faithful to what I had envisioned in my 3-D sketch models.  
I realized quickly that although some patterns may look amazing as a design pattern, they may not be able to move in a fluid way or move at all. I had the luxury of being able to change the cutting program on the spot to test each pattern in 2-D, play in 3-D, and re-design in 2-D until the final pattern moved a particular way that lifted my spirits. Out of all the patterns that I tried, I found only a few would become 3-D DynamicTextures.
Organic Pattern
Organic Texture
Geometric Texture
The Rejects
Geometric Pattern
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